Soheil Yasrebi

Founder/Engineer, previously Twitter, self-driving cars.

San Francisco Bay Area.

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Chatting with everyone via text

May 5, 2021

Several years ago when SMS first came out it was revolutionary in that people no longer had to pick up the phone and actually talk to someone. This made life orders of magnitude easier specially for those like me who'd rather skip the chitchat of a phone conversation and just get to the point. Today with so many social media platforms and various chat apps we're somewhat regressing back to the mean of pre text messaging. Having to download, install and sign up for 2,000 services is a major pain.

This is why I started working on Fiotron recently. It brings back text messaging to the center of all text based conversations. Based on open source platform Matrix and relying on Matrix bridges Fiotron connects all social media accounts on the backend and assigns a unique Twilio phone number to each contact. It then sends a list of newly generated contacts to your phone so they can be added to your existing contacts, this is one tap on iPhone. From there on you can send/receive messages to your social media contacts just like any other contact stored on your phone address book.

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